We care about your quality of life

A high-quality care by a highly-skilled team.

Professionals at your service

Our high-qualified professionals can recommend you the appropriate treatment for an effective and timely rehabilitation. They can speak French, English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Romanian.

Reimbursement by LAMal

Invoices are not addressed to you, they are transmitted directly to your insurance.

A new and modern clinic, ideally located

More comfort and privacy in our 7 modern treatment rooms, as well as 2 well-equipped gyms. Free parking spaces in front of the clinic, located at the entrance to Nyon, close to the motorway exit.

Lymphatic drainage

Face, leg, arms, stomach manual lymphatic drainage. Anti-edematous treatment, lymphedema absorption. Improve your circulation, detox your body, strengthen your immune system. Regenerating effect, relaxing action.
Improve your circulation, detox your body, strengthen your immune system.

Accident and post-operation

Moving again after a fracture, a surgery or long immobilization. Highly-qualified therapists.
We get you moving again after fracture or surgery.

Pain therapy

Eliminate your long term pain. We treat neck, joint, limb, low back, bone, and chronic widespread pain among others.
We treat neck, joint, limb, low back, bone, and chronic widespread pain.


Promotes independence, increases participation. Facilitates motor development. Enhance learning opportunities.
Physio promotes independence and enhances learning.

Home treatments

Physio Home care: Improve your mobility, regain your autonomy. Functional rehabilitation, Falls prevention and Surgery preparation. High quality treatments: Call us, we are there for you.
We help adults, seniors and children at their home.

Back problems

Specialized in back pain treatments and prevention. Treatment of scoliosis in adults and children. Our three steps approach: 1) eliminate the pain, 2) rebalance the musculature and 3) exercise to prevent reoccurrence.
We are specialized in the treatment of back pain and scoliosis.


We provide individual assessment, advice and treatment. We work towards optimizing your capabilities. Beneficial for conditions such as Stroke, Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis.
Physio is beneficial for Stroke and Parkinson conditions among others.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy

Women, men and children uro-gynecology and proctology physiotherapy. Pelvic floor muscles problems prevention and treatment. Treatment of anal or urinary incontinence, prolapse, perineal weakness and recto-anal troubles. we can help you, call us.
We treat pelvic and pre / post pregnancy conditions.


Injury prevention. Rehabilitation back to optimum levels. Customized program to get you back in the game.
We get you back in the game after injury or surgery.